Check These 5 Best Horse Racing Betting Platforms

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse Betting is a part of Indian culture and tradition. It involves putting bets on horses that participate in the race, and if your predicted horse wins, you can win a chunk of fortune. Earlier, these races used to take place in race courses, and most elite classes participated in them, but with time race betting has been made accessible to the common people, and today, almost anybody can place bets simply from their phones.


Horse racing is one of the oldest sports. 


There are several apps that are dedicated to neural online horse betting, like Indiarace, and many others. And thus offers you several options. However, the plenitude of options can also become a problem, and thus you must be able to pick one of the authentic and reliable apps.

Online horse betting is convenient and quick. You need not leave your house at all for participation. You can simply look for the best app and register yourself. For instance, if you wish to bet using Indiarace via GetMega, you can look for the app via your browser and register easily. Now all that is left to be done is to place your bet and start playing. 


 If you are new to horse betting and wish to learn about the best betting apps, you have hit the right place. Let us narrow down your choices and acquaint you with the top 5 best horse racing betting platforms. 


GetMega is an all-inclusive gaming app that allows you to play a large number of different games. Indiarace is their horse racing portal, and it is India’s first portal exclusively for horse racing. This app is not just meant to enjoy your free time. It also allows you several attractive bonuses and offers. Unlike racecourses, on Indiarace you can earn referral codes and other benefits. And some extra money is always welcome in betting.  


It is a completely safe site and does not involve any foul play; thus, you can rest assured that your money is safe, and you will win a whopping prize if your horse wins the race. The deposit and withdrawal methods are also extremely secure and widely acceptable. Whether you have a card or e-wallet, you will be able to wager your money easily. Some of the most used methods for payment on GetMega are Paytm and Google Pay. 


This app is not only generous with promotional offers but also offers large cash prizes to lucky winners. Payouts start from 5 INR and range to thousands. It is a great app to spend your leisure time and earn some money at the same time. 


The app is easy to use as its user interface is clean and thus can be navigated quite easily. The app aims to cater to all kinds of people and invites everyone to have a gala time with all major Indian games, both indoor and outdoor. So if you are planning to bet on Horse Racing, surely try out the GetMega app. 


Bet365 is one of the most popular sites for online betting. It does not restrict itself to sports betting, but you can also play casino games here. Since it has been around for a long time, one cannot doubt its authenticity, and thus makes for a good platform to bet on. 


However, the welcome bonus of this app is not very impressive when compared to apps like GetMega, and the customer assistance is not as efficient and effective as one would want it to be. 


1xBet is a large platform that houses a colossal collection of horse racing betting, much like Indiarace. Its live streaming service allows you to watch these races on your mobile phone or PC. This adds to the adrenaline rush that players love. It accepts a large number of transaction options from Indians, such as PhonePe, Skrill, UPI, etc. The colossal selection also acts as a bane despite being an interesting feature. Too many games can overwhelm the website and confuse you. 


Betway has one of the best user interfaces and thus is wildly popular among players. It provides decent odds on racing bets and is great for beginners. However, its customer support, just like Bet365, is not the most functional, which can be quite unnerving when you play with money. In case you need assistance or wish to enquire about the game, you will have to wait for quite some time. 


Sportsbet.IO is another worthy racing site that allows players to experience live racing and enjoy the feeling of sitting on the racecourse. It has several deposit options, including cryptocurrency. Since it is a new platform, game selection is not very vast, but it will work fine. 


Things One Should Know While Betting on Horse Race 

Betting on horse races surely does not require you to know horse riding or how a horse should be trained, but there are certain things that you must know. 

Horse race betting is more about information and analysis than sheer luck. Thus make sure you keep yourself updated about certain factors like: 


  • The health of the horses involved in the race. This will give you an idea about which horse is capable of running faster and longer. Do not forget to enquire about their speed and win rate.


  • Besides the horses, you must have an idea about the jockeys. Learn about the best horse jockeys and look for their names in your next bet. Read about their success rate and what they are known for. You can simply browse through the Indiarace platform to know about the best jockeys and their achievements. 


Know which horse jockeys you can rely on. 


While at first, it may seem overwhelming, do not worry; you are sure to catch up quickly. Remember that you do not need thorough research, but sufficient knowledge will do. 


Once you have found the best platform for yourself, you can start right away. Horse racing is an old form of leisure and is enjoyed by people all over the world. It is fun and can be very rewarding. Platforms like Indiarace bring you the opportunity to partake in these games and win for yourself a fortune. 


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