How To Pick The Perfect Glucometer?

best glucometer in India

Glucometers have recently gained a lot of popularity. It is particularly helpful for working and having very little leisure time because a glucometer is a portable electronic device that can be carried and used anywhere.

What Is A glucometer?

This device can be new to many of you to begin by explaining what a glucometer is. A glucometer is an electronic blood sugar measuring device that gives accurate results within minutes. It is portable and convenient to use. You can say it is a life-saving device in extreme cases. The best glucometer in India has proved to be particularly helpful during the pandemic. So keep reading this article to know more about it and its uses.

Who Needs A Glucometer?

The function of a glucometer is to measure the blood sugar levels in the body. It within a few seconds tells you if the blood sugar is high, low, or normal. You might wonder if everyone with diabetes needs a glucometer or not?

A report says most people completely ignore the diabetes situation until the diabetes is abnormally high, hyperglycemia or diabetes is extremely low, hypoglycemia. So if you keep a regular check on your diabetes levels by using the best glucometer in India for testing, the chances for any dramatic fall or rise are decreased. That is one of the many reasons why doctors have started recommending patients to get glucometers for themselves.

Advanced Glucometers

Gen Z glucometers are wireless and can be synced with other electronic devices like your laptop or cellphone. This is super convenient because you can directly mail or WhatsApp your doctor the test results without delay. They also have memory which can save all your daily results for future use. This helps you get a complete picture of your health and helps doctors perform treatments accordingly.

Few Tips To Buy The Perfect Glucometer

There are various new and old models available in the market, but you must always buy the one your doctor recommends and if you have no recommendations, then follow these tips to pick your:

  • It should be simple and easy to use with a perfect display that can be read easily. If you are not a gadget-savvy person, avoid complicated and advanced ones
  • Go for the ones with a backlight feature that will also help you read the results at night
  • Get a glucometer that has an attached disk, it makes it infinitely easier to use
  • Avoid those that come with a unique key feature that you have to unlock every time you change the test strip. It is not convenient to use in times of emergencies
  • Get the one with a memory storage facility and be synced with your other electronic devices. As you can easily mail the result if needed or store them on your device

How Many Times Should You Use A Glucometer?

The answer, in short, depends on the type of diabetes the person has as you might know that there are multiple types of diabetes, such as Type 1 and Type 2.

Doctors say that type 1 diabetes fluctuates more than type 2, which means that you need to measure and check more frequently if you have Type1 diabetes. Patients with this type need to at least check twice a day to adjust the insulin doses accordingly.

People with less serious Type 2 diabetes need to check less frequently, like once or twice a week.

The results of the glucometer depend on the time of the day you take the test. For instance:

  • If you test on an empty stomach, the result will tell you if the night doses are alright
  • Similarly, if you measure immediately after breakfast or lunch, it will tell you if the morning doses are adequate or not

Based on this result, the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment for you.

Take Care Of Your Glucometer

Like all other gadgets, you need to keep the devices perfect for getting the best results. Here are few steps you need to follow to keep the glucometer in good shape:

  • Sanitize the glucometer every day and keep it in a case to protect it from moisture
  • Calibrate the glucometer every once a month to ensure that it doesn’t slow down and gives accurate results
  • Keep the lids and test strips, and lancet in a container to keep them away from moisture. Moisture can seriously damage these things

Don’t Panic, Or Things Will Go Wrong!

People using the glucometer for the first time tend to panic unnecessarily and get paranoid. This hurts their sugar level and tends to give a wrong result. If you panic and stress, it’s more likely that the sugar levels will increase or decrease, and you need to perform the test to get accurate results repeatedly.


Blood sugar is a serious problem, and we must not ignore it. So get yourself the best glucometer in India and check your levels at home. 


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