7 Tips to Find a Bigger Space for Growing Businesses

7 Tips to Find a Bigger Space for Growing Businesses

It gives a great feeling when the business requires more employees to manage the workload. You know the business is progressing towards the ultimate goal of conquering the market. However, the increasing workforce also means the company requires a new space to accommodate the new employees.

Moving your office to a new location is a very important step for the business and its employees. You don’t have to spend a significant amount on the rent and interior to create a financial mess. Still, it is an expense where extreme cost-cutting can result in losing employees and even clients for some organisations.

Impact of a Workspace on Your Business

Some businesses don’t have to deal with the clients in their head office. They have a branch with a luxurious interior to convert the leads into clients. For others, the clients come directly to their office and may find the experience uncomfortable enough to find an alternative.

Moreover, it is highly unlikely for the best talent to work in an overcrowded space with no comfort. You cannot ignore the impact of office space on productivity and quality. Thus, your business needs to invest in a new workspace to retain clients and employees, even if it requires small business loans.

Tips to Find a Bigger Space for Your Office

Careful planning is required to find the right space for the increasing requirement of your office. A bigger space for your office is a long-term commitment with the rent and maintenance. Also, the comfort of clients and employees are at stake with your decision to lease a place.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while searching for a bigger space for your office.

  1. Balance the Price, Location, and Comfort

Price, location, and comfort are significant factors that drive the decision to find the perfect space for the business. It is hard to find a place with location and comfort if the budget is tight. Similarly, you cannot focus on any two factors without sacrificing in terms of the third one.

You need to balance the requirement in terms of price, location, and comfort. It will take some time and visits to the office of numerous realtors to balance these three factors.

  1. Start Early

It is recommended to start early in your process to find a bigger space for the office. You will not find the perfect space within a few hours. Also, you will make the employees try to work in a congested place during the search.

Therefore, the quality and productivity will suffer during the search for a new office space. You will get an estimate of the real estate market to find the budget and set expectations. Also, it will give time for your business to book a place with high demand.

  1. Check the Commute of Your Employees

You cannot ask the employees to increase the commute to the office because of the new space. Their struggle to maintain a work-life balance will grow. Also, the absence of public transport will put more pressure on their finances.

Therefore, you need to make sure the new location is well connected with the public transport. Also, the location should remain within reach of the majority of your workforce. If not, some of the best talent in your organisation may leave because of a more convenient commute.

  1. Find a Place Nearby

It makes more sense to find the new office space nearby to your current office. It will help the clients locate the space easily. You will also not lose contact with local businesses.

Moreover, the current location of your office works fine for the employees. They will not face troubles with the transition to a new place. If the owner of the new space is the same, expect some flexibility in the lease agreement and rent.

  1. Check Privacy

Every office has confidential data that should remain within the decision-makers. Even the employees may lose important information to unauthorised persons in the absence of privacy in a workspace.

Therefore, you should find a place with enough privacy to hold meetings and work in a quiet. In the absence of privacy, you will face a hard time making a call with important clients.

  1. Ask Employees to Work Remotely

You can eliminate the need to find a bigger space by asking the employees to work from a remote location. It will reflect as benefits of working with your organisation. You will save money on the infrastructure that includes laptops and other required resources.

Therefore, you should put the employees on work from home if it is possible with their roles and responsibilities. You can also ask them to work in different shifts to use the same space for multiple employees. However, it may cause trouble during the overlap of shifts if someone has to work a bit longer.

  1. Contact the Networks and Neighbours

You should contact your neighbours and professional networks to find a bigger office space. It will help you get an idea of the market with the price for a location and comfort. Also, they might suggest a place that is about to go vacant to get the benefits of early birds.


To sum up, finding a more prominent space is not an easy task unless you hire a realtor for the job. You need to consider many factors to ensure the employees and clients don’t face unnecessary troubles with the new place. Also, you should invest some time in finding measures to reduce the price and requirements.

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