7 Tools to Help the Marketing Campaign of a Small Business


Your business need help from technology to survive in the modern competitive world. Opportunities are endless if you know the strategies and tools to tap into the market. You can have customers without the geographic limitations to buy products or services from your business.

However, it is easier said than done when the competition is tough. You need to create a unique presence with the marketing efforts to target the audience effectively. And it will require help from technology to implement, monitor, review, and improve the current strategy.

Financial Impact of Investing in Technology for Business

People often ignore the importance of technology because of the limited budget. They try to get the job done manually to get ineffective outcomes. You are wasting time, energy, and resources in the absence of the tech tools to get the best possible returns.

These tools will help the business increase productivity, quality, and client satisfaction. Thus, the profit graph may show a constant increase in the sales and revenue after the investment in the marketing tools. You can get short-term loans online if the budget is tight to get the required tools.

Top Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

We understand the importance of capital for small businesses. A bad investment can cause financial troubles for a very long time or an existential crisis for them. However, you can rest assured of an increase in the reach and presence with the help of these marketing tools for small businesses.

  • MailChimp

Businesses are using MailChimp to create a multiplatform marketing campaign to attract leads. The campaigns are effective and cost-friendly if the team of content developers are aware of the audience requirement. Thus, the developers provided the features to understand the customer behaviour to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

You can create segments of users based on their shared data and information. The future of MailChimp lies with the introduction of AI-powered features. You can use the app for free or pay the developers to add more features and contacts.

  • Hootsuite

Social media is an incredibly important platform to create an online presence for the business. You need to manage the posts on different social media platforms to increase the following on each site. Hootsuite allows the users to manage different social networks with content posting and audience interaction.

Not only the posts, but you can also use the application to schedule targeted messages for the customers. You can keep track of the progress and check the individual performance of the posts. There is no free version available for the Hootsuite application, and you might need a guaranteed payday loan from a direct lender to get the enterprise version.

  • PromoNavi

You can buy subscriptions to individual tasks to effectively manage the digital marketing campaign. Or, allow a single tool like PromoNavi to take care of the everyday tasks by automation. It will help you reach the performance goals at a faster rate with less stress of management.

You can manage the Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ad campaigns on a single platform. A built-in keyword planner is available for different sites to get the required keywords with numerous filters. Other features that deserve a special mention is the competitor’s analysis and automated PPC reporting. 

  • Moz

Moz is a very well-known brand in the SEO and content marketing space. It provides a very useful tool to make your site SEO optimised. The tool will find the problems and offer the possible solutions to make the site ideal for search engines.

Moreover, you can use the tracking feature to get the performance report of keywords from over 70 search engines. You get to use the vital metrics of any site to update the SEO strategy of your website. You can find the required keywords from the planner to use on almost any major search engine on the internet. 

  • Canva

You will need graphics and designs to increase the visual appeal of the online content. To save time, Canva provides more than 400,000 templates to create online content for different platforms. It will help promote consistency with the posting to stay true to your theme and niche.

You can turn any design into MOV or GIF with the premium version of the application. Though, the free version is okay if you want the basic designs and elements in the graphics. 

  • Leadpages

A website is as important as a visiting card in the present professional world. You need a website with a simple interface and support for smaller devices. Leadpages provides the features to build a website for small businesses easily.

You get conversion recommendations and a/b split tests on the analytics dashboard to optimise the campaign. The tools will help the users connect with the audience by collecting leads. Leadpages has a fixed subscription model that starts from $27 per month and doesn’t charge for collecting leads or published pages.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is the tool known for grammar suggestions to help professionals write emails, articles, blog posts, and other text-based content. Though, its use is not limited to grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes. You can use it to detect the tone, change the words for a targeted audience, and create content for a targeted audience.

It will help avoid the embarrassing situation where the words don’t mean the intended meaning in professional communication. You can install its plugin in many tools and operating systems that include the native OS X apps. It also eliminates the requirement to get an additional tool to check plagiarism.

You can install the Grammarly plugin in your system free of cost for basic suggestions. The premium version will give suggestions to improve tone, change some words, and offer other advanced features. The plagiarism tool is also available with the premium version.


In the end, your business will gain the benefits from a more streamlined and effective marketing campaign. The technology will give the necessary support to increase your reach and make the content more appealing. Thus, you should try to invest in these tools as growth is not possible without risk.

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The blog contains some tech tools for marketing to help small businesses increase the reach and effectiveness of the involved processes.

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